Bread, olives & tasters


Jacket potatoes served with a dressed salad


Bread and marinated olives    

£ 2.95

Cheese and beans

£ 5.50

Homemade cajun tortillas chips and sour cream

£ 2.50

Tuna mayonnaise and sweet corn

£ 5.50

Bread and olive oil with balsamic vinegar

£ 1.95

Chilli con carne and grated cheese

£ 6.75







Sandwiches or bagels made to order served with a dressed salad


Soup of the day (v)

£ 3.95

Smoked salmon and cream cheese

White or whole meal bread

£ 4.95

served with bread and butter


Honey roast ham and cheese toastie

£ 4.50

Pan fried scallops with a parsnip purée

£ 5.95

Mature cheddar and sweet pickle

£ 4.50

Bruschetta with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella  (v)

£ 4.95

Chicken salad or turkey and cranberry

£ 4.50

Chicken liver pate & caramelised onion

£ 4.95

Open chip butty

£ 3.50

with warm toast




Cheese omelette (v)

£ 7.95

Toasted Tasca or ciabatta bread with a dressed salad


served with salad and hand cut chips


Honey roast ham, tomato and buffalo mozzarella

£ 5.75



Bacon, Somerset brie and Dijon mustard

£ 5.75



Chicken and chorizo with mayonnaise or turkey and cranberry

£ 5.75



Goats cheese and caramelised onion

£ 5.75

Beef stew with herb dumplings

£ 9.95



served with bread for dipping




Chicken breast with sautéed leek’s and bacon

£ 10.95

Goats cheese and caramelised onion  (v)

£ 6.95

White wine sauce and dauphinoise potato


Mixed leaf salad with melon, Somerset brie and Serrano ham

£ 8.50

Lightly beer battered cod

£ 8.95



served with hand cut chips and peas  £7 on Fridays




Mushroom pasta in creamy white wine sauce                                               

£ 8.95

Hand cut Chips


topped with parmesan (v)


Cheesy chips


Roast chicken breast with almond cream tagliatelle

£ 9.95

Garlic bread


Mushroom, cranberry and brie wellington

£ 8.95

Cheesy garlic bread


with new potatoes and vegetables






Side salad




Peppercorn or blue cheese sauce


T Cup beef burger made with bacon and cheddar.

served with salad and hand cut chips                                     

£ 8.95



Puddings and cakes




Please see fridges and cakes blackboard


Scotch rump steak

All steaks served with salad and hand cut chips,

Half price steaks

Wednesday nights

£ 13.95



Scotch rib eye steak         

£ 16.50

Sunday roast


Scotch sirloin steak

£ 16.50

Roast beef with all the trimmings (Sunday only)

£ 8.95